Year Round Menu

Available year round, these high quality, hand-crafted authentic beers are produced in our Hong Kong Brewery. Every beer has a story drawing inspiration from Chinese mythology and a distinct flavour using time-honoured brewing techniques.

Thunder God 雷公淡啤

Ale (5%ABV)

Moonzen's flagship beer will leave you thunderstruck with its fresh taste and divine bouquet of hoppy tropical fruits.


Jade Emperor 玉皇大帝IPA


Ruler of all, we give tribute to his balance of might and munificence in this heavenly IPA, which flashes bolts of citrus and floral, all wrapped in a golden robe of maltiness.


Monkey King 孫悟空琥珀啤

Amber Ale (5%ABV)

Heavenly rebel to monk warrior, we've capture his beloved tale in our Red Ale, a cheeky amber boasting a beautiful heart of caramel and hoppy aroma of Queen Mother's peaches stolen by the Monkey King himself


Kitchen God 灶君蜂蜜黑啤

Honey Porter (6%ABV)

Protector of the hearth and family, he reports household activities directly to the Jade Emperor. We've enriched this espresso porter with honey to sweeten his words or keep his lips sealed.


Moon Goddess 嫦娥朱古力黑啤

Chocolate Stout (5%ABV)

Lonely beauty gazing upon us from the Moon, we recall her ascent with our Chocolate stout, velvety smooth and out of this world. One sip of this elixir of life and you might also fly to the Moon!


King Yama 閻王四川黑啤

Sichuan Porter (8%ABV)

This demon of a porter, with wafts of smoked caramel malts and sichuan pepercorns will set your senses on fire as you await King Yama's judgement of your deeds.

Dragon King 龍王福建柚子啤

Fujian Radler (3.5%ABV)

Bringer of chaos and order, The Dragon King is responsible for droughts, typhoons and plentiful harvests. We appease his fiery rule over the seas with his favorite drink, a thirst-quenching concoction of honey pomelos with a dash of salt chipped out of his underwater crystal palace! 

South Cloud 南雲生普洱茶啤

Yunnan Lager (4.5%ABV)

Be blown away with this refreshingly brisk lager​ brewed with southern hops and Yunnan raw Pu'er tea. Submerge yourself in its overflowing fragrance​ and ​soar like an immortal.