Seasonal & Limited Edition

Available during seasonal celebrations of the lunar calendar. Every beer has a story drawing inspiration from local ingredients, recipes, and stories.

Yin & Yang 陰陽 Jan 2015

Brewtonic (12%ABV)

To celebrate Moonzen Brewery's first year, we have gone where no brewery has gone before -- Yin Yang Brewtonic! Yin Wheatwine (75cl -12%ABV) All things submit to Yin…萬物負陰 Profile: This aromatic #wheatwine boasts caramel aromas of dried dates, figs and longyan. With a medium body and Chinese medicine herbal overtones it finishes with a lingering dry sweetness. Effects: This formula helps to eliminate excess heat, tonifies qi, nourishing and strengthen spleen, stomach and lung. Yang Porterwine (75cl - 12%ABV) All things embrace Yang...萬物抱陽 Profile: This decadent #porterwine features complex aromas of Chinese medicinal herbs, a strong rich body and flavours of dark toffee and molasses that balance the lingering bitterness and warms the body. Effects: This formula consolidates constitution and reinforces qi and blood. It also treats general deficiency of the body accompanied by yang deficiency, tiredness and cold manifestations.

Wong Lo Kat 王老吉 Feb 2015

Scotch Ale (8%ABV)

Wong Lo Kat is a herbal antiseptic and detoxifying remedy that was given in a dream by a Taoist Monk to Master Wong in early 19th century Canton. Once the remedy was concocted and cured the ill, Master Wong became an instant celebrity...You can now enjoy our 王老吉 Scotch Ale, brewed with traditional Chinese herbs and a hearty dose of malt, to reinvigorate your senses and fend off any ailment that troubles you!

Four Beauties 四大美女花啤系列 Mar 2015

Flower Beer Series (5%ABV)

春分到了,我們呈現給您#四大美女啤酒系列. Today on this Spring Equinox, we celebrate by launching our spring seasonal #FourBeauties #floralbeer series: Jasmine 茉莉 | Sweet Osmanthus 桂花 | Chrysanthemum 菊花 | Roselle 洛神 “西施沉魚 昭君落雁 貂嬋閉月 貴妃羞花”

Kumquat 金橘小麥啤 May 2015

Wheat Beer

由採摘、清洗至切割…#門神 夏季金橘啤就快有得飲啦!From picking, washing to cutting... our #Kumquat Ale is bound to prepare you for #HK's summer.

Camomile Wheat 甘菊小麥 Nov 2015

Wheat Beer

#Moonzen Camomile Wheat 甘菊小麥 with an addition of lemon

Lunar Barleywine 農曆大麥啤 Feb 2016


Brewed in the year of the Goat and aged for 1 year to be released in the year of the Monkey... Moonzen Lunar Barleywine features a handdrawn label and was released with a pair of woodblock Moonzen prints by our friends at Marble Print & Clay.

Rose Oolong 玫琳--玫瑰烏龍 Mar 2016

Session IPA

Introducing #Moonzen Rose Oolong Session IPA (4.5%), with a luscious body and an enchanting aroma of hops and roses. Unbeknownst to all there existed a fifth Chinese beauty, 玫琳, who legend has it was so beautiful that the heavens would cry in admiration.

Moon Rabbit Mooncake Stout 月兔 Aug 2016

Mooncake Stout (10% ABV)

明月幾時有?把酒問#門神 "Have you ever wondered what is in the centre of the moon?" A festive celebration with toasted black sesame and lotus seeds.

Dia de los Muertos Halloween IPA Oct 2016


Moonzen Milk Co. Papaya Milk IPA 門神牛奶公司木瓜牛奶IPA Oct 2016

Milk IPA (6%ABV)

Silky smooth IPA with hops and papaya juice for a creamy tropical finish. Pair with steamed milk pudding!

Sweet Potato Ginger Beer 番薯糖水啤 Dec 2016

Brown Ale (8%ABV)

Warm yourselves this winter season with our limited edition #craftbeer based on a beloved winter warmer Chinese dessert: #番薯糖水. This winter ale has been mashed in with roasted sweet potatoes, then boiled with old ginger and crystallised molasses. At 8%ABV, it's definitely not your grandma's recipe!

Lunar Barleywine 農曆大麥啤 Feb 2017

Barleywine (10%ABV)

2017丁酉雞年 農曆大麥啤! Happy New Year! #LunarBarleywine v2 is back in time for the cheeky Monkey to give way to the hardworking Rooster!

Double Cockiness 雙雞黑帝 Feb 2017

Imperial Stout (10%ABV)

黑帝戀人注意! #門神 雙雞黑帝將於元宵節(2月11日;2-6pm)在我們酒廠出售,先到先得! 只有60支喔! Calling all #ImperialStout lovers! #Moonzen's Double Cockiness Imperial Stout will be available at our brewery first come first serve this Lantern Festival. Only 60 bottles available!

Angry Jade Emperor 玉帝重申天治 Mar 2017

Imperial IPA (10%ABV)

Join us this Friday night at our spring equinox party to celebrate #moonzen first #imperialipa "Jade Emperor Reasserts Heavenly Rule" After King Yama's defiance in the heavenly order, #JadeEmperor is back bigger hoppier and bolder than ever.

Moonzen Milk Co. Mango Milk IPA 門神牛奶公司芒果牛奶IPA Apr 2016

Milk IPA (6%ABV)

Juicy mangos in a smooth IPA with lactose

Moonzen Milk Co. Mango Sour Milk IPA 門神牛奶公司芒果酸奶IPA Apr 2016

Sour Milk IPA (5%ABV)

Juicy mangos in a smooth IPA with lactose, kettle soured for a mouth-watering sour mango flavour!

Yuzu Saison D'ete 日本柚子夏日啤 July 2017

French Saison (5.5%ABV)

Oui-Oishi! Yuzu Saison D'ete. Bursting with tart, citrus flavours of grapefruit & mandarin with a French saison base.

0T Lemon Tea 凍‘零’茶啤 Aug 2017

Cream Ale (5%ABV)

#moonzen brewed with lemons and red tea this unique #craftbeer pays homage to 凍'零'茶, the nickname for #hkstyle lemon tea, a favourite staple in HK! .

Ribena 雷濱納黑加侖紫啤

Blackcurrant Kolsch (4.5%ABV)

Relive your childhood memories of Ribena with this Blackcurrent Summer Kolsch! Brewed with 100% real blackcurrants, this beer pours an enchanting purple colour, with aroma of fresh berries and delicate blackcurrant flavour. Now you can drink your childhood beverage in adult version! It's sugar free and probably contains more Vitamin C and blackcurrants

Jade Rabbit Rocket 玉兔火箭

Lupulin IPA 7%ABV

A wheat IPA hop rocket with heaps of simcoe lupulin hop fuel enough to send you to the moon and back.